All About Jazz review for Rosaly

More kudos for Frank Rosaly's "Milkwork" lp, this time courtesy of All About Jazz New York. As part of a larger review, write Seth Watter notes:

"Rosaly, a popular Chicago drummer, weighs in with nine open-form compositions that linger in the mind and beckon for repeated listens on this LP-only release. The ample use of electronic manipulation gives Milkwork an initial distancing effect, a distinct feeling of unfamiliarity. From the first rumbles of “Adolescents”, the mic’d drums sound smothered in t- shirts, strangely clipped. “Burnshine” filters a quiet pitter-patter through an echo device for the sensation of double-time often found in dub; on “NY Prices!” drones emerge like foghorns in the night air as traditional percussion disappears almost entirely. But listeners will be immediately drawn to the first “NY Prices”, an epic workout which builds rolling lines from the rims into a muscular, bombastic rhythm heavy on the kick drum and crashing cymbals while the snare marches along like ants on the warpath. The generous interludes of silence only further underscore Rosaly’s clever and strategic use of acoustic space."

Pick up the current issue of All About Jazz for more!

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