Pillars And Tongues

Pillars and Tongues is a trio from Chicago, Illinois, but manifesting at many points on the map.

The group of Evan Hydzik, Elizabeth Remis, and Mark Trecka constitute a collective focused on the abstraction of form and language. Their resulting exploration of such just happens to take shape in musical form. Recalling the aesthetic employed by the 'spiritual jazz' workouts of icons such as Pharaoh Sanders, wherein the creation of music itself can be seen as a positing method to address larger concepts at hand, Pillars & Tongues utilize an organic, 'spontaneous composition' design in which the three communicate their ideas. The result is not so much a 'free music,' but rather an unfolding musical discussion that, like a logical conclusion to a question of study, moves towards organization and resolution.

Pillars & Tongues' roots are found in the amorphous soul-folk ensemble Static Films, where the three fine-tuned their collective sense of music as exploration. Throughout the decade of erratic participation in that group's efforts, Hydzik, Remis, and Trecka eventually became distilled as a formidable core, directing themselves and each other through the finer moments of those trails - all in the spirit of preparation, or so it now seems, for a new form to respond to a shift in this epoch.

On Protection, their debut for Contraphonic, Pillars & Tongues present a portrait of how the trio's musical history - one that has seen the three travel the breadth of the United States several times together, executing both prepared and improvised work, responding to a wildly varied panoply of environments, performing in basements, in temples, and in state parks - has grown as a language. It is a language peppered with considerable representations of visceral forms of distinctly American art and musics: there is gospel and there is blues, there is folk, and there are even hints of Tonalism. (see the paintings of Albert Pinkham Ryder.)

And like the process that they themselves engage in, Pillars and Tongues collectively offer audiences abstracted forms for extended study. With the release of Protection, Pillars & Tongues will be travelling on extensive US and European tours planned to coincide with its release, throughout the fall of 2008, and beyond.

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Releases on Contraphonic

  • PROTECTION. CON 074. Released: 10.14.08
    Tracklisting: Hall of Bliss / Dead Sings / Protection (I) / Protection (II)
    Tracklisting: An Emergent Grotto