oRSo 9 was recorded in 2008 at Shape Shoppe recording studio by Griffin Rodriguez. In 2011 it was mixed by Griffin Rodriguez. The band consists of Phil Spirito on guitar and tenor guitar, Jim Elkington on guitar, Anthony Burton on Bass, Piano and whistling, Dave McDonnell on alto and soprano saxophones and piano, Libby Reed on Cello and voice and Dylan Ryan on drums.

The period between 2008 and today has been hard on everyone. For oRSo this was one of the longest hibernations ever. Spirito like so many others in 2009 was laid off from his decade long music supporting career in IT. Fortunately for him he was able to transition into his dream career of being a Librarian at a public library. The tapes for this record sat in the vault while oRSo took a forced retirement. After the career changing dust settled Spirito was ready to get back to the work of making oRSo music. In 2010 after playing music at the library for senior citizens and kids under five Spirito went back to writing oRSo songs and started thinking about finishing the instrumental record he had started. The idea for an instrumental record was a fantasy of Spirito's for almost ten years. While the music is familiar to other oRSo records the missing vocals make this a very different sounding oRSo record. oRSo is now back playing gigs with yet another new group and looking forward to recording a new record of vocal songs.

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Releases on Contraphonic

  • 9. CON 090. Released: 04.24.12
    Tracklisting: villa gest / another Jim / birds for ust / bunch of sneakers / Bills not happy on the river / horse nails lotion / does it smell like raining / sweet young dudes and their things / I forgot it / going to cambodia / elephant grass / birds won orange / Morricone's / walrus
  • Is Xmas Tomorrow?. CON 077. Released: 12.10.08
    Tracklisting: Intro / Is Xmas Tomorrow? (Little Soul Mix) / Arm and Arm with Duke Lee Battling the Strange Birthday Revelers / Lynchpins UV Chaos / Is Christmas Tomorrow? / Silver Bells and a Roasting Fire
  • Ask Your Neighbor. CON 071. Released: 09.09.08
    Tracklisting: All Suffer Fools / Anniversary / Warm Up / I'm High / Not Likely To / Nice To See You / Protest Song / See Me / To Be Held / The Hope / Egg / Way Way
  • Alterations Two. CON 071. Released: 05.13.08
    Tracklisting: Murder to be Made / Paul Ascends / Gotti Is Made / Mistakes / Pauly Returns / He's Gotta Go / Safety to Sing / Why Me Lord / Sammy Tells All
  • Alterations One. CON 070. Released: 05.13.08
    Tracklisting: 3rd / For Lack of Better Words / Golden Mole / Fitted Sheet / Swiss Chard / Old Mr C's World / Mama / Conference Room / LF