There are certain bands for certain moments. Frigates, a band residing in Chicago, is a group for that moment that can only be characterized as either "just before" or "right after." Locked within the tightly-wound grooves that drive their songs is a band that fluidly pairs compact, staccato melodies with propulsive, agile rhythms. They catch you with a hook, and draw you in with a sound that is both art-school dance party and fist-pumping anthemic rock with no pretension in sight.

Formed in 2007 by singer/guitarist Brian Hacker (Crush Kill Destroy), Frigates began out of Hacker's desire to explore more traditional rock territory. He found a talented and dedicated drummer in Marc Riordan (Branch/Riordan Duo, Rupert), and after several tries, a perfect fit on bass in Wes-Man Torres (Automatic Stinging Machines). After playing a series of shows across Chicago, the band convened in the fall of 2008 to record their debut, What Would You Say at a Party?.

Released in August of 2009 by Chicago label Contraphonic, What Would You Say at a Party? is a perfect mix of rock stomp, art glam, spit 'n' vinegar, and hard-pop melody. It's like the history of Gang of Four wrapped in one package, without all of those less-than-stellar moments in between.

Recently joined by Matt Flaiz on keys, Frigates will be touring as time allows in support of WWYSAAP? throughout the rest of 2009 and into 2010.

Band photo © 2009 John Sturdy.

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Releases on Contraphonic

  • What Would You Say at a Party?. CON 082. Released: 08.18.09
    Tracklisting: Damage and Liability / Jungle Girl / Help Me, Insanity / Hey Cougar / Sink The Ship / Faux Fur Coat