Crush Kill Destroy

Not many bands can state their mission in their name alone, but Chicago's Crush Kill Destroy are up for the challenge. Their moniker isn't an expression of hardcore violence, but rather a theory put into action. Crush Kill Destroy play aggressive, confident, angular rock music that can crush, kill, and destroy any preconceived notions about what rock music's structure may be or how it should be attacked. Dual guitars strangle one another in an almost telepathic fury, the rhythm section proves itself as inventive as it is precise, and the vocals fluctuate from calm assurance to manic energy within a span of seconds.

Formed in Ann Arbor, MI in 1999, Crush Kill Destroy quickly rose from the ranks of countless post-punk and indie bands scattered across the Midwest. The group established themselves as a fixture at such luminary venues as the Magic Stick in Detroit and the Empty Bottle in Chicago, were highlighted at the 2002 Michiganfest festival alongside the Liars, Ted Leo and Milemaker. Havng issued two well-received albums on Makoto Recordings and toured the Midwest and East Coast numerous times, Crush Kill Destroy equally employ the passionate approach to their music to their work ethic as well.

On Valentine's Day 2006, Contraphonic and No Karma Recordings paired with Crush Kill Destroy with the release of Metric Midnight, a spanning and soaring collection that winds and turns down an enigmatic road. From the first ominous touch of bass that opens the record to the frenetic fury of saxophones at its ending, Metric Midnight is Crush Kill Destroy's best music yet. The blossoming of snaking guitars cuts through the indefatigable drums, fully realizing the potential of their past and pointing towards the possibilities of their future.

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Releases on Contraphonic

  • The World's Largest Area. CON 078. Released: 02.10.09
    Tracklisting: The World's Largest Area / Tear Gas Woman / The Art of Fearing Everyone / 30 Steps / The Wrong Kind of Success / Winston Churchill / Pig Tight
  • Metric Midnight. NOK 054. Released: 02.14.06
    Tracklisting: Walter Mondale / Off Point / Is The New Black / Tim Quits Painting / Last Acronym / Metric Midnight / Walkers, Sleepers, Eaters
    Stiff-legged staccato smart-but-tough-guy art-punk with rumbling, reverbing guitar twang and its top button buttoned in classic Chicago style. VILLAGE VOICE

    Crush Kill Destroy's other ace up the ol' sleeve is their penchant for seamlessly integrating melody and dissonance. They rival even the mighty Sonic Youth in their ability to marry unorthodox melodic passages to discordant ones; in fact they are so good at it that, several times throughout the album, I didn't even register the clashing notes (check the main guitar melody of "Tim Quits Painting" for a prime example). They've also got some catchy speak-sung vocal lines for good measure (the mantra-like 5/4 chant of "if I stop / will you stop" on "Walter Mondale" will burrow into your skull). TRANSFORM ONLINE

    Chicago's Crush Kill Destroy is about one thing only: huge, impressive chops. Exacting and intricate from start to finish, Metric Midnight is an exhausting display of guitar-playing expertise. The ongoing duel between guitar players Brian Hacker and Jacob Kart is the only constant theme that weaves Crush Kill Destroy's seemingly innumerable ideas into this thrilling 46-minute assault. UR CHICAGO