Signal to Noise Review for MILKWORK

The latest issue of the encyclopedic Signal to Noise magazine takes a good listen to MILKWORK. Here's what writer Bill Meyer had to say:

"The day that Frank Rosaly began recording Milkwork, he woke late, got stuck in traffic, and tried to rescue a kitten that got thrown out a car window and took refuge in his engine only to learn that the no-kill shelter sends kitties to the pound. Nope, not a good day- and you can really hear Rosaly blowing off some steam with the heavy wallop you hear "NY Prices!"Quite different are the focused, carefully modulated cymbal figures that follow on "Calcetines," and the confused-clock rhythmic variations and elusive electronic washes that punctuate "Burnshine." This may be a solo percussion record, but not one of drum solos. The sound world he works in lies closer to This Heat or Xenakis than the jazz and improv he practices with Rolldown, Valentine Trio, or pianist Paul Giallorenzo's group. And it's testament to his grace under pressure that he executes this music with as much clarity and precision as force. A feline aside: my cat is usually completely uncurious about music, but when I spun Milkwork's milky white vinyl prior to writing this review, he stuck his head into the stereo cabinet for the first time ever."

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More love from for Pronto!

Xeni Jardin of lets us in on her recent visit to Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, CA. Some clarification is needed however: the Pronto record she’s describing is “The Cheetah,” the "glitchy, computery one" available in digital glory now, while the record she’s holding is “All Is Golden,” the acclaimed 70's style-release available both digitally and in CD form.

Get 'em both in your bag now!

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Consequence of Sound review

More gushing praise for Bisi & Co. from Consequence of Sound. Get ready for Bisi tour 2010!

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Broklyn Vegan loves Bisi

Brooklyn Vegan recently paid a visit to Bisi and his band at their Knitting Factory engagement. They thought so highly of the affair, they dedicated an entire post to it.

Check it out here!

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Glenn Kotche cites Milkwork as a Fave of the Year

Although officially released just this week in 2010, Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche was noted as naming Frank Rosaly's Milkwork was one of his top ten records of 2009 in Filter Magazine.

Check out the rest of his picks here.

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